Josh Hermann is a former Navy SEAL and noted painter. As a young man, Josh loved to draw. A busy life put that ambition on hold. In fact, Josh started his career in a decidedly left brain direction: nuclear engineering.


Josh Hermann enduring “surf torture” during BUD/s training on his way to becoming a Navy SEAL officer.

       Josh joined the Navy while still in high school and entered the nuclear power program.   He earned a full NROTC scholarship to Villanova University, where he studied mechanical engineering.

      After receiving his commission in in May 1984, he was ready for more challenges.  With a desire to be the best in the world, he was accepted for Navy SEAL training.  Josh excelled in the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/s). In a program that some 85% of candidates fail, Josh graduated as a SEAL officer.

       Upon earning his Trident, Josh served at SEAL Team 4, first as an Assistant Platoon Commander, then Ordinance Officer, and finally Platoon Commander.  He finished his SEAL career as the Special Warfare Projects Officer at the Navy’s Experimental Diving Unit, where he was able to use his engineering background to solve special warfare diving issues. 

Josh left the Navy in 1990 and pursued a career in manufacturing.

     It was only after Josh had started his own business that he had enough leisure time to return to his first love. He brought the same determination and skill to drawing and painting as he did to engineering and life as a Navy SEAL.  His artwork was noticed by Michael Del Priore, a nationally recognized portrait artist, who encouraged him to begin oil painting.


Josh Hermann painting “Lt. Murphy and His Platoon.”

       Josh’s work now hangs in many private collections as well as the National Navy SEAL Museum. He painted his best known work, Lt. Murphy and His Platoon to honor all the men who made the ultimate sacrifice during OPERATION Redwings.