Benghazi: No Man Left Behind


Former Navy SEALs, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, died in Benghazi, Libya September 12, 2012 during the US Embassy compound attack. Ty Woods, working as a contractor for the CIA in Benghazi, responded to the initial attack on the compound. Glen Doherty, also working as a contractor for the CIA and a friend of Ty Woods, was positioned in Tripoli. Upon hearing of the attack, Glen flew to Benghazi to provide support for the compound and his friend. During an heroic effort by these two men (and a handful of others), they defended the U.S. Embassy compound under overwhelming odds. Both died on a roof top covering each other’s backs. By providing defense, they fulfilled their Navy SEAL tradition of courage, loyalty and friendship.

“Benghazi: No Man Left Behind” was commissioned by C.L. Foley and donated to the National Navy SEAL Museum.

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